Monday, March 21, 2011

Savannah's Championship Game

Savannah's big Championship game was this past Saturday. Noah was extremely sick so I was the only one from our family able to make it to cheer her on.
First things first - the warm-up cheer:

"One, two,
Fire it up!
Three, Four,
Fire it up!
One, two, three, four,
What do you think these feet are for?
Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Score!
Go, Polar Bears!!!"

Savannah had another absolutely stellar game. She has really improved this season, especially in the defensive position where her coaches have had her play. (I might have to rethink the whole forward position for her on our outdoor team.)

At halftime the other team was only up 1-0 but they were really, really good and broke away from us in the second half, scoring 3 more goals to win it.
That's okay..2nd place isn't too shabby!

Savannah with some of her cute teammates.

Savannah and I hung around the arena for a few minutes after the game and while we were sitting there, one of Savannah's coaches brought over the coach of the winning team for an introduction. Apparently the coach of the other team coaches an outdoor travel team and he was hoping to recruit Savannah. He invited her to come practice with the team in preparation for tryouts in June. Obviously this was a huge compliment to Savannah and he was extremely disappointed when he found out that we don't play Sundays. I was so proud of Savannah for playing so well that she caught the attention of this coach.
Following the big game the team got together for a pizza party. After food, Coach Dave recognized each of the girls individually for the job they had done throughout the season. He saved Savannah and Kate for last - the 2 defenders - and made a big deal about how they had helped our team get to the championship game by how well they played all season. Yes, I'm an extremely proud mom!!

Receiving her medal from Coach Charlie.

My cute soccer girl!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leprechaun Mayhem!

Yep! The leprechauns were at it again! We woke up Thursday morning to a messy house - couches turned over, pillows scattered throughout the house, underwear hanging from banisters, chairs in the wrong spot, green water in the toilets, and even a lamp in the kitchen. The kids loved it!

The only green food we had was green milk for breakfast (I can only stand looking at so much green food and then it kinda makes me sick).

I think the leprechauns went a little easy on us this year because we didn't set any traps to catch them. They left each of the kids a shamrock light-up wand and some Werther's caramels.

For dinner we had our traditional corned beef and cabbage with potatoes - yummy! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Almost Time....

Last week was but a taste...I can't wait!!! Bring on the madness!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Polar Bears!

Friday night Savannah's team, the Polar Bears, continued their tournament run against the Orange Tigers. The game remained scoreless until, with 22 seconds left, one of our girls finally scored! It was pretty exciting, especially now, with that win, the Polar Bears are in the championship game this Saturday. Go Polar Bears!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Xander's Last Game

Xander's Indoor Soccer season is finally at an end and what a great time we have had watching Xander play. There has been some definite improvement in his skills as the season has gone along and I know he had a lot of fun! Plus, that personal goal Xander set for himself? To score 8 goals this year in soccer? Well, he knocked off 6 this season, leaving him only 2 more to go to accomplish his goal. Not too shabby!
A little flushed and sweaty after the game but definitely proud of his award.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Keepers

Savannah and I had such a great time at her March Keepers meeting last week - cake decorating!
Here's a picture of all the cute girls in their aprons.

Preparing the icing.

Practicing some different designs - stars, rosettes, shells, and leaves.

Savannah's cute cupcakes.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

In our house Dr. Seuss is one of the favorites! We decided to celebrate his birthday last week with some green eggs and ham for dinner followed up by a evening of reading. My favorite thing about this year was that I wasn't the only one reading - Savannah took a turn...

as well as Xander! Xander read Green Eggs and Ham almost entirely by himself! He's getting so close to his personal goal of being able to read books by himself; I am so proud of him. I always turn to Dr. Seuss books to help my new readers - they are the best!

Favorite moment of the evening - as Xander read about Sam-I-am continuously trying to get his friend to eat green eggs and ham, Savannah sighed loudly and said, "I think Sam should just leave him alone!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire Station Field Trip

When Noah grows up he wants to be a builder man and a fireman so obviously his preschool class field trip to the local fire station was a big event and one that he was very excited about! One of the fireman spent some time with the kids reviewing what they should do if there's a fire and then showing them all his cool gear.

Each of the kids got their own fireman hat.

Then we got to check out the fire trucks and the ambulance. Pretty fun stuff!